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Contact us with a question or comment.
Use the same text box to apply for membership in our organization.
Use PayPal to make a donation (non-membrs may donate if they wish)

NOTE: We do not disclose your private information to non-members.

You may use the contact form below either to send us an inquiry or to send us an application for membership in American Patriot Council, Inc.

Your name and email and comment are sufficient so we can respond.
But it will not be considered an application for membership.

APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP in American Patriot Council, Inc.
In addition to your name and email, you will need to also type your postal address into the message box and you are asked to read the following membership agreement and by submitting the form you certify that you have read the agreement and that it shall constitute an agreement between you and American Patriot Council, Inc.

MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT: I hereby certify that I am legally of age, that I am a United States citizen, that I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, that my application is factual, that I have read the American Patriot Council policies as set forth in the ABOUT page of this web site, and that I agree to abide by them as long as I am a member. I understand that I may resign my membership at any time by my written authorization to take my name and address off the rolls to preserve my privacy. I also understand that any donations I may have contributed are non-refundable. I certify that my name supplied in the form below constitutes my signature to this membership agreement.


1-Blank out anything that may already be in the fields and type in your own information

2-Be sure you check everything for accuracy prior to sending the form. If your email address is accurate we can send you either a response to your inquiry, or a welcome and confirmation email if you used this as an application for APC membership.

3-If you have pressed the Submit Button and think you made a mistake, you can correct the form, include the word “CORRECTION” at the top of the message box, and re-submit the form.


NOTE: American Patriot Council, Inc. is Verified by PayPal because we provided PayPal with proof of a legitimate bank account. If you wish confirmation from PayPal that we are verified, click on the Official PayPal Verified Seal at left and allow 5 to 30 seconds for the confirmation page to load. To see the information you will then be asked to log in to PayPal whether or not you are already a PayPal member. When finished you may return to this page by closing the confirmation page.


First read the note below, then Click on the rectangular PayPal “donate” icon that will take you to our PayPal service form where you can use a credit card or your own PayPal account.

NOTE: Please allow 5 to 30 sec. for the form to load and then fill in the amount you wish to donate first. Ignore shipping and handling.
If you have a PayPal account, skip to the Pay with PayPal at the bottom of the form. Otherwise fill out the credit card information and click on the “Continue Checkout” button.

When you have completed the donation process, you may return to American Patriot Council by clicking on your browser “refresh” or “reload” icon, or closing a tab or separate window.


Posted July 31, 2010 by Patriot76

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