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Dr. Benjamin Carson’s Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast


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Unalienable Rights

by Robert Williams

The dictionary defines “inalienable (unalienable)” as not subject to transfer (cannot be taken away from those designated and then given to others),  inviolable (cannot be violated),  non-negotiable (cannot be misconstrued or changed) , and absolute (no hedging allowed).

The American Declaration of Independence avows that all men (persons) are created equal, which is a clear rejection of the inherited divine right of Kings or of some self-perpetuating elite group.  The Declaration also says that all persons are not only equal but also endowed with unalienable rights, “— among which are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”.  It further declares just exactly what government should do.  “ — secure these rights”, by “— deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”.  The Declaration also points out that “— whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it —”.

The American Constitution lists more unalienable rights including the right to free speech,  free assembly and redress of wrongs,  and the right of the people to bear arms against the possibility of a runaway government that suppresses any of the sacred rights reserved to the people.  The Constitution clearly defines a balanced three-branched government whose primary function is protection of the people’s rights — and while it may use democratic principles — it is more properly defined as a representative Republic than a grass-roots Democracy.  The Constitution provides a means to be amended by  majority approval of the public.  Those who see the Constitution as a “Living Document” which should keep up with modern times and modern culture changes,  should also make sure that proposed amendments do not violate any of the peoples’ non-negotiable rights already enshrined for the ages.

The American Revolution was sparked by over-taxation without representation and there was sound reason for this. Chief Justice John Marshall ruled in 1819 (McCullough v. Maryland) that, “— An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy;  because there is a limit beyond which no institution and no property can bear taxation”.  Thomas Jefferson acknowledged that, “ — To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much,  in order to spare others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill,  is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it”.  Jefferson further declared that, “ — we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt ….. I place economy among the most important of republican virtues, and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared”.

There is more and more reason to be alert to the current fiscal crisis in Washington.  What would Jefferson have thought of a 16 trillion dollar debt burden with no cap?  What would he have thought of killing job growth by over-taxing the very folks who have the money to create industry and jobs?  What would Jefferson have thought of misleading the public to think only of tax rates when it is the total quantity of taxes paid that would show the rich pay almost 70 percent of all revenue already?  What would all our founding fathers have thought of the steady erosion of citizen rights by an ever more bloated government which increasingly bypasses our Constitution by taking on arbitrary extra-constitutional powers?

I bet the same thing I am thinking now.  Time for a clean-out of a bloated and corrupt fiscally irresponsible government and a return to the basic virtuous principles of our original intent that served us so well during our first 170 years or so.  Of course for my expressed desire to restore our former wisdom and prosperity I will be viciously vilified by those misled to believe that they have a birthright to steal my hard-earned money and a birthright to rule unwisely.  I know that temporarily I may be of a minority opinion,  but I am not disturbed by that because I know I am in the right and they are in the wrong and will eventually suffer for their misconstruction of reality.

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I, “Extremist”

By Michael Dennin

I have a confession to make: I am an “extremist”, and if you are reading this confession, chances are you’re an “extremist”, too.

You are probably wondering when did this happen – when did I become an “extremist”? If you’re anything like this “extremist”, you work an honest day’s work to put the bread on your table and don’t expect or demand that others do this for you. You budget your household finances and live within your means – sometimes this means making sacrifices and cutting out things you can’t afford, but you don’t complain about it. You pay your bills and your taxes on time because you’re a fiscally responsible person. You provide for your children, and despite the cultural sewer we live in, you do your best to raise them to be moral, law-abiding responsible individuals such as yourself. You do all of these things, not because someone has to tell you to do them or forces you to do them, but because you believe that they are the right things to do.

So, where did you and I go wrong? We went wrong when we started expecting these things not only from ourselves but from our fellow citizens, and then we committed the cardinal sin of expecting those same things from our government.

For this, the Left has been smearing us as “extremists”.

Of course, this isn’t all our fault. You and I weren’t born with these “extremist” values and expectations. Our parents instilled these “extremist” values and expectations in us, as did our “extremist” ancestors who preceded them. They taught us to value personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, and the freedom, dignity and respect that are derived from them. They taught us that dependency is neither a virtue nor a strength, and when we abdicate our personal responsibility we not only abdicate our own individual freedom and dignity, we weaken our fellow citizens and our society.

While our parents and their parents are largely to blame for teaching us the “extremist” beliefs that you and I have come to value, perhaps the greatest offenders of all were the “extremists” who founded this nation and its government. It was these “extremists”, operating on the understanding that for Man to be free, rights and responsibilities must be derived from the Individual, not the State/Collective, who built the United States and framed the Constitution upon the foundation of Individual Freedom. It was these “extremists” who, recognizing the corruptive influence of power on men, invested power and sovereignty in the Individual instead of the State and the political elite who constitute the state and wield its coercive power. Having been subjected to the arbitrary fiat of power-hungry tyrants, they established a Constitution based on the “extremist” notion of a limited fiscally responsible government bound by the rule of written law, and they handed this “extremist” social compact down to us so that we would not have to suffer the same wanton lawlessness and despotism that they endured during their lifetime.

Despite the wisdom and prescience of our “extremist” ancestors, today we find the nihilistic Leftists who are attempting to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” into a socialist state portraying the people who have remained true to the virtues and values that made our people and our country great as “extremists”. Why do they do this? Because these nihilists know that their ideology cannot compete against our own, therefore they must slander our character to delegitimize our beliefs. In terms of Logic, this is what is referred to as an ad hominem fallacy – when you can’t win a debate based purely on the merits of your argument, attack your opponent on a personal level to distract from the failure of your argument. In contemporary political parlance, this is referred to as “the politics of personal destruction”, and this gutter-level skullduggery plays straight out of the “progressive” playbook, Rules for Radicals, written by Barack Obama’s mentor Saul Alinsky (the original “community organizer”).

There’s another reason why the Progressive/Socialist Left has to crawl down into the sandbox and throw its little rhetorical plastic shovels at us. The Left is terrified of the conservative grassroots movements that have burst onto our nation’s political scene since the mid-2000s. The hysterical vitriol spewing from the Left is a reflection of their fear of the existential threat that this popular movement poses to their socialist ideology and agenda. This is why “progressives” are bound and determined to strangle this movement in its crib, and since they cannot wage open ideological warfare and compete with our ideas – this would expose them as rank socialists/communists – they have to resort to childish name-calling. However, there is a peril to this tactic that all of us on the Right would do well to remember and remind the public over and over again – that it is a damning indictment of the Left, not the Right, that Leftists would label the virtues and values that we stand for – individual freedom, personal responsibility, limited government, fiscal responsibility and a dedication to our Constitution and the rule of written law – as “extremist”. What does that say about the Left? It says that they stand for socialism, dependency, unrestrained government, ruinous deficit spending, and the rule of arbitrary fiat dictated by a socialist political elite that has no regard for the Constitution and the rule of law. This is the Left’s idea of “moderate”.

So be it. If the Left is going to tar us as “extremists”, it’s time we returned the favor and explained to the American people exactly what the Left’s idea of “moderate” is all about. If we want to win the battle over public perception, we are going to have to fight smart and turn the Left’s underhanded tactics against itself.

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Danger! There’s a Muddy Road Ahead

by Robert Williams

There may be a few people around that would do nothing to “offend” an attacker even if that attacker were raping their own daughter right in front of their eyes.  I am not one of those people.  But neither am I in favor of unnecessarily offending folks who most Americans would think of as “decent”.  Therefor I make an effort here not to insult where insult is not deserved,  but I don’t hold back when it comes to raw fundamentals.  These raw fundamentals include my instant willingness to defend my family and friends and country even if I might ultimately have to include violence as a last resort.  That is why I joined the U.S. Army in the 1950‘s,  to defend what I sincerely hold dear and valuable about my homeland which is the United States of America.

So just what do I hold dear and and valuable? It is really rather simple and straightforward.  The founding fathers of our country made a sincere effort to overcome their seemingly insurmountable differences in order to forge a Constitution that would stand the test of time and seal in place the firm commitment to a balance between individual liberty and governance by temporary representatives elected by an adult citizenry where every legal citizen has an equal single vote.   Then what endangers this concept?  Foreign powers have tried to disrupt it in two world wars and Islamic Jihadists continue to hate America’s existence because we stand for the freedom they wish to deny everyone.  So far we have successfully resisted such blatant external threats.  The internal challenges are in some respects more difficult because they are more subtle and gradual over time.  It has become obvious to me that as a societies go,  the Europeans have gone completely into “ineptocracy” and are now suffering the dire consequences.  No, I didn’t invent the word.  Somebody else did, but I do think it more and more fits our own American society and therein lies the danger.

I recently ran across a definition of ineptocracy as “A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing,  and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed  are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.”  I would only add to this that America has become close enough to that definition so that I believe we are in serious danger of no longer having enough producers to balance or even begin to pay off a National Debt of unbelievable proportions that is increasing BY THE DAY.   And that is only one of our major problems.  The others being a decline in general public intelligence in spite of pouring billions of taxpayer money into schools,  enough foolish greed to go all around, and a rapid drift towards the type of socialist-communist insanity which collapsed Soviet Russia and got Europe into very deep do-do.

After observing what has transpired in our country over the past few years I have concluded that both our major political parties and the general public are culprits in this disaster.  I include myself because I was economically and politically asleep for most of my working life and only woke up to pay real attention after the shock of 9/11.  I am way past the age of vigorous physical activity,  but I can still YELL!  So I’m going to do a lot of yelling.  I believe we now need a wake-up resurgence of the kind of old-fashioned deep-down American patriotism, accountability, frugality, respect for real education,  and hard work,  that too many Americans now sneer at.  I don’t give a damn who sneers at me — I’ll do my own sneering for a change — and I’ll do it especially at those I feel are the most guilty — namely our political party hacks,  the millions of lawyers and lobbyists and bureaucrats supporting them, farms and corporations on welfare, and most of all the damned socialists and communists who have infiltrated our educational system for so long and duped our young people.  THEY HAVE TO BE SHOWN THE DOOR!!

The fundamental issue is the same as it was in 1775. VIGILANCE AGAINST TYRANNY. The King and government of England forced their American Colonists to violence as the last resort when all diplomacy had failed. The goal of the American people now should be the same non-violent initial diplomacy, but with an added advantage. In 1775 the American Colonials had no say in their governance.  Now we American citizens still have the vote, but our so-called “representatives” no longer reflect the interests of a truly free people because huge government agencies and their non-elected bureaucrats have eroded so many of our original liberties and taken on so much unconstitutional power that the whole idea of government of the people, by the people, and for the people has been distorted almost beyond recognition. “Obamacare” is just the latest and most heinous example.  2700 pages of government regulation of our bodies.  We don’t even own our own selves anymore — which means we can be completely controlled.  THINK ABOUT THAT!  But the most alarming thing of all,  is that a large proportion of Americans have been hoodwinked into thinking that Obamacare is a good thing!  You don’t believe me?  THEN READ THE 2700 PAGES!

Betrayal of  the system our founding fathers presented us began not too long after the 1930‘s when “Social Security” became popular.   It started as a voluntary “savings” program with certain government “guarantees” that you’d get your money back when you retired. One of these guarantees was that the funds would remain untouched by other government expenditures. Later this promise was violated by including collected Social Security funds in the “general fund” and then spending that money lavishly on other government social engineering projects. So much for government promises. There are many other examples — far too many. When the spendthrift politicians finally ran out of taxpayer money they borrowed from foreign countries including America-hating China. Now that debt has reached unfathomable trillions so huge that economists tell us every American baby born today starts out life owing foreigners about $50,000 and that sum is going up daily!

To top it all off, each U.S. government since the 1930‘s has squandered the citizens’ hard-earned money on ever more hair-brained projects that never reach their stated goals but always cost more and more money to pay more and more enforcement agents. The government itself is so corrupted by money and power mongering that it even affects our Supreme Court that sides more and more with the power-mongers. There is a hole in the dam of Liberty and it is widening BY THE DAY. If we are to prevent a total tyranny in the next decade we have to do more than stick a finger in the hole. WE’VE GOT TO JUMP IN WITH BOTH FEET ! That is the fundamental issue requiring immediate action. Jumping in with both feet in a disciplined and highly visible way as a unified force of true American Patriots who are uncompromising in one very important issue — UNCOMPROMISING DEDICATION TO PREVENTING THE TYRANNY OF BIG INVASIVE CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT.

George Washington was uncompromising in the following related aspect. In his 1786 Farewell Address he warned against overly intrusive government as follows: “It is important, likewise, that the habits of thinking in a free country should inspire caution in those entrusted with its administration, to confine themselves within their respective constitutional spheres, avoiding in their exercise of powers of one department to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all departments in one, and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism. A just estimate of that love of power, and proneness to use it which predominates in the human heart, is sufficient to satisfy us of the truth of this position. The necessity of reciprocal checks in the exercise of political power, by dividing and distributing it into different depositories, and constituting each the guardian of the public weal against invasions by others, has been evinced by experiments ancient and modern; some of them in our own country and under our own eyes. To preserve them must be as necessary as to institute them.”

General George Washington was advocating “reciprocal checks” of one department on another, but he did not seem to anticipate what is happening now, which is THE COLLUSION OF ALL GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS TO CONSOLIDATE POWER AGAINST THE PEOPLE AND IN FAVOR OF INTIMATELY RUNNING EVERYONE’S LIVES BY DECREE OF SOME “PANEL OF EXPERTS” WHO FANCY THEMSELVES SMARTER THAN THOSE WHOSE LIVES THEY PROPOSE TO CONTROL. That is what the 2nd. Continental Army is to guard against — with our lives if it ever comes to that. But it won’t come to violence by our own intent. As it was in our first violent revolution, there will only be a second violent revolution in America if the forces of government run so far amok as an attempt to destroy American liberties altogether, as Hitler and Stalin did to their people at the cost of millions of lives and eventual economic collapse.



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Fiscal Madness and How to Counter It


by Robert Williams

The National debt may have started as a long term modest threat that might have been adequately handled when our nation was truly prospering.  Lately it has through neglect and unconscionable acceleration in borrowing,  become an immediate threat of deadly proportion.  Three things about it are appalling:  its enormity of scale,  the enormity of betrayal and  utter lack of conscience shown by those who perpetrated this monumental irresponsibility, and the general apathy of the population.  Part of the apathy is the result of a hoax that the economics involved are “too complicated” for mere citizens to understand so we must put our faith in the so-called “experts” our government has chosen to “manage the economy”.  It should be quite evident by now that these wonderful experts have only succeeded in making things worse.  As for the complexity hoax we can dispense with that in the few following paragraphs.

That the consequences are dire is indisputable if one observes a few simple facts:

1- Private individuals and corporations are protected from excessively adverse consequences of fiscal irresponsibility by the laws concerning the economic state of “bankruptcy”.  Those with no financial connection or work connection to bankrupt corporations or bankrupt individuals are either not affected at all or not seriously affected.  NOT SO FOR NATIONS.  For nations it is the entire population that is affected.  This is especially true for democratic republics such as America where the ultimate accountability for the nation’s actions and the nation’s debts constitutionally lie with the citizenry.  As Greece and other European countries are now finding out,  irresponsibility comes back to bite and bite hard.  For countries as large as the U.S. , there is no other country nor world financial institution huge enough nor willing enough to literally “bail out” America.

2- In our government there are two main categories of expenditures.  The first is Mandatory expenditures including interest on debt, entitlement programs, Medicare, Social Security, etc. Congress doesn’t even see the Mandatory spending — it just goes out automatically as an unavoidable obligation. The second category is Discretionary spending related to the thousands of agencies, the public infrastructure, the military, Homeland Security, foreign aid, etc.

3- The government is by definition not an industry.  It cannot “make money”.  It may print it — but the paper is worthless unless given intrinsic value by the millions of transactions that go on every day in manufacture and trade.  No elite few people in government circles are anywhere near smart enough to analyze these millions of transactions in any given instant and predict their effect in order to micro-manage the entire economy.  Yet they have the false arrogance to try.

4- It has been historically proven many times that when governments attempt to solve their economic foolishness by printing more money it does not work.  It merely de-valuates the money to the point it is no longer practical as a medium of exchange and everyone in the country suffers.

5- Right now in America,  the economic mess is so bad that it matters little what person is in the White House or which politician says what.  As long as the only proposed solutions are mere band aids the situation will only get worse very rapidly  IN THE COMING 5 YEARS !

HERE IS THE ARITHMETIC  (yes it is simple — only politicians insist it is complicated because they want the population to stay unaware of their betrayal).

The explosion of baby boomer entitlements, the added unexpected spending of stimulus packages and bailouts,  and the explosion of debt caused the 2010 Congressional Budget Office to predict that in 15 years the mandatory and interest expenses alone would exceed revenue.  They were wrong on only one point.  It happened only one fiscal year after their prediction,  not 15 years later.  How bad is the debt acceleration? In October 2012,  the first full month of fiscal 2013, we citizens accumulated nearly $200 BILLION IN NEW DEBT.  That is 20 percent of the way to a trillion IN JUST 31 DAYS!  It took 200 years for us to accumulate one trillion  in debt and just 286 days to go from 15 trillion to 16 trillion.  It becomes evident that we could cut all Discretionary expenses to zero including having no military at all — and our Mandatory expenses would still be greater than our revenue.  Also, we could raise taxes one hundred percent on the very rich and even that would be insufficient.  The problem is not taxes,  the problem is that our irresponsibility has blinded us to the simple fact that the country can no longer produce enough taxable income to service our enormous debt and eventually pay it down.  We are literally choking on debt and wasting enormous amounts of the people’s hard-earned money on ever-increasing interest!


All the proposals so far have been useless band-aids save one.  That one is the proposal to put an immediate limit on debt increase.  Politicians have so far resisted this because it would mean cutting some popular automatic increases in spending.  People used to luxury and “free stuff” (that is not really free)  don’t take kindly to belt tightening.  Some of that attitude is justified.  Take Social Security for example.  A huge portion of the population had SS premiums deducted all their working lives with faith they would get it all back after retirement.  Originally these accounts were supposed to be “kept separately safe” by the government.  Instead the government changed the goal posts by merging SS money with the “general budget” and spent the money unwisely on pet vote-getting projects.  And who is the government that screwed the working people?  The very representatives that the people voted for.  In short “we the people” did it to ourselves.  Now “we the people” have to face the consequences.  We have already lost jobs overseas and now we are losing economic respect.  Soon, like Greece, we will not be able to borrow at all.  Both of these factors will be hard to recover.

1- We must demand that a debt ceiling law be passed immediately to stop the burgeoning hemorrhage and allow time for the solutions proposed below to have an effect.

2- In spite of legitimate concern over climate change, we cannot change our oil dependence overnight —  so we must bring gas price increases to a halt by rapidly increasing domestic production and use of coal and oil and natural gas while at the same time improving our solar and wind and ocean-wave energy sources.  We can ease off on oil and coal when the green energy sources finally take hold.  This will curb destructive inflation and make debt ceilings more possible to meet.

3- We must demand that government get out of the way and stay out of the way by creating a stable business-friendly environment of sensible regulations and reliable tax structure so new businesses can trust that their government relations will be predictable enough to justify investment.

4- Last but not least,  we the people can devise plenty of ways to help each other out instead of expecting government to do it all.  We can take a lesson from WWII when Americans voluntarily tightened their belts, worked harder and longer for fixed pay,  created car pools to cut down gas usage, shared responsibilities, did their own home maintenance, formed community help-the-nation groups, and a host of other cooperative grass-roots life-style changes.  Whatever changes and sacrifices it took we were willing to do it.  Why?  because everyone realized the utter disaster that would follow laxity.  Now again our nation faces utter disaster and it is time again for a major volunteer public effort. At the very least we should grit our teeth and pay more to BUY AMERICAN.  That will inspire American business to create local jobs.

The government will most likely continue grid-lock, the politicians and pundits will blather blather blather, but we the people are still free to take positive ACTION,  AND WE MUST TAKE ACTION WHILE WE STILL CAN !

5- Individuals need to be aware of these facts, badger their representatives frequently, cut down on unnecessary personal expenses, stop buying houses they cant afford,  and put their money either in American businesses that do not manufacture off-shore, or in personal (not government) savings.  Folks paying mortgages should try to pay them off as rapidly as possible so if times get worse they will at least own their place to stay.

6- Ronald Reagan had it right when he claimed the scariest thing is to have a person at your door announcing he has come from the government to help you.  THE LESSON IN THAT IS HANDLE YOUR OWN AFFAIRS — DON’T TRUST ANY GOVERNMENT TO HANDLE THEM FOR YOU.

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