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On September 9, Congress reconvened to wage this year’s budget battles that will take place between now and mid-October. For the fifth year in a row – every year he has been in office – President Obama has failed yet again to negotiate a budget with Congress, so there will be yet another fight to temporarily fund the federal government by October 1st to avoid a shutdown. This is the battle that provides conservatives and Republicans with the best opportunity to defund ObamaCare, so if you support defunding now is the time to contact your representatives in Washington and urge them to do so (a link with contacts is provided below). After this round of negotiations is over, this year’s fight over the debt ceiling will occur around mid-October.

For everyone who supports defunding ObamaCare, below are several links to help you determine where your representatives in Washington have stood on this issue and where you can contact them. Again, the votes on the continuing funding resolution and debt ceiling will be taking place in the immediate future, so if you want to make your voice heard, now is the time to speak out.

H.R.1005: Defund ObamaCare Act

H.R.2682: Defund ObamaCare Act of 2013

Have Your Members of Congress Signed the “Defund ObamaCare” Letter? Find Out Here!

Defund ObamaCare by Making Your Voice Heard (includes Congressional contact numbers & addresses)


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By Michael Dennin

As the rising fear of another electoral backlash against ObamaCare looms on the horizon, the president has not only resorted to arbitrarily suspending parts of his signature healthcare plan, he has resorted to fear-mongering and outright lies and slander to defend the law and his party from another massacre at the polls similar to the one that cost Democrats control of the House of Representatives in 2010.

The president’s lies and fear-mongering in response to the calls of Republicans and grassroots conservatives to defund ObamaCare first came to light in an August 9 press conference where he claimed that “the one unifying principle in the Republican Party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don’t have health care”. Not only is this lie patently absurd – the GOP isn’t capable of denying anyone healthcare in this country – it speaks to the president’s abject contempt for the intelligence of the American people in his fraudulent effort to delegitimize the opposition to the Left’s effort to hand control of our healthcare over to politicians and bureaucrats in the federal government. Coincidentally, on the very same day that Obama climbed own into the gutter to spout his libelous falsehood, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid confessed that ObamaCare was exactly what its critics claimed all along – a deliberate step to destroy our existing healthcare system and the autonomy of individuals over their own private healthcare decisions in order to obtain the socialist holy grail of government-run healthcare. Reducing costs and improving care was never the real objective of the “Affordable Care Act” – the real objective was power and control.

As if it were even possible, Obama took the “progressive” craziness up a notch on August 17 when he declared “in the United States of America, health insurance isn’t a privilege – it is your right.” This decree was greeted with howls of laughter and derision from coast to coast for good reason. With a wave of his imperial hand, the president benevolently granted Americans a “right” that they had to purchase, but if they refused to submit to purchasing this “right” he would punish them financially. Not only did this ludicrous proposal mark the first time in history where a right had to be purchased, it marked the first time a person could be penalized for not exercising a right. How could anyone not scoff at this nonsense? Compounding his folly, the president then went on to add that “we’re going to keep it that way”, but he conveniently failed to explain precisely how he was going to keep something that never existed in existence. Finally, the president couldn’t resist the opportunity to make the battle over ObamaCare about himself instead of his policies, claiming that the opponents of his signature healthcare legislation believe that if they can “make this law fail, they’ll somehow be sticking it to me. But, they’d be just sticking it to you.” This is quite a statement coming from the man who is sticking the destruction of our healthcare system and individual freedom to us. It is little wonder he has to distract from that fact by trying to convince people that the opposition to ObamaCare is something about Barack Obama’s person and not his policies, and what could this thing about Barack Obama’s person possibly be?

The result of the historic Republican landslide in the 2010 elections, which was based largely on the public’s negative reaction to ObamaCare, should have been a “teachable moment” for Barack Obama, but Barack Obama doesn’t listen to the American people. He lectures them. He lies to them. He insults their intelligence. He tells them what is good for them and what their rights and responsibilities are, and whoever opposes him is “immoral”, “greedy” or a “racist” for refusing to submit to his neo-socialist ideology, agenda and policies. It’s the classic Stalinist morality play – opposition is “immoral”, opposition is “reactionary” (versus “progressive”). This is just a sample of the propaganda war that Obama and his neo-socialist co-travelers will be waging against the opponents of ObamaCare, most particularly those who want to defund the law regardless of the president’s threats to shut down the government. Obama & Co. will say and do anything to demonize their opponents because that is how the radical acolytes of Saul Alinsky delegitimize the arguments of their opponents, through the politics of personal destruction. Therefore, it is imperative that conservatives and libertarians be prepared to face and counter the Left’s propaganda and character assassination campaign, not only on an individual level but on the group level, as well. This means that we are not only going to have to defend our individual selves, we are going to have to defend each other, including our representatives in Washington, DC who are stepping up to fight and defund ObamaCare and the rest of the president’s socialist policies. Those men and women need our support and it’s up to each and every one of us to let them know that they have our support. As Benjamin Franklin said, we must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.

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By Robert Williams

We are told by pollsters that about three quarters of our American population declare Christianity as their faith.  While the Constitution provides protection from government take-over of religion,  with an 80 percent majority it is safe to say that as a populace Christianity is “our faith”.   Christians believe in a benign attitude towards their fellow humans because that sort of attitude is a primary element of our faith.  This benign attitude spread into secular circles enough to justify it as a commonly accepted American principle.   It is no surprise then that we find it hard to understand and accept that some among us do not necessarily share this attitude and are motivated to commit dastardly acts.  We especially find it hard to understand that there exists a particular non-Christian  widespread faith in the world that is not at all benign,  but just the opposite.  We are also justifiably puzzled that after more than two thousand years of efforts to curb human mischief,  we still have con artists and liars and thieves.  We have even allowed such mean-spirited human vampires to dominate our government.  The key to understanding this is partly that we have not sufficiently taken to heart our own faith’s warnings about false Gods and false prophets, — and partly because our wishful thinking chooses to disregard human nature.

In the animal world it seems that evolutionary pressure was served by grouping in a manner facilitating the most competent “alpha” member dominating the group until some younger and more competent member takes over by successfully overcoming the power of the existing alpha and thus proving the newcomer’s right to rule.  In order to sharpen evolution with competition,  the instinct to compete was strengthened. Greed was the natural outcome of alternating scarcity and plenty.  Gorging and hoarding in times of plenty helped survive the times of scarcity.

As far as historians can tell,  emerging humans copied animals, — and the same forces that drove animals to compete and hoard,   helped tribal chiefs emerge as leaders.  The unfortunate collusion of spiritualism and government that our Constitution protects against,  began when the first “shaman” was able to influence the chief and make the collusion of the two — better cement intimidation of the group.  Humans are born greedy and also seem to have copied the animal territorialism of guarding good food sources and hunting grounds.  Of course these factors encouraged ambitious conflict with other groups.  It is not so much that greed and ambition by themselves are destructive,  it is the manner of their application.  If greed and ambition motivate people to strive mightily in the creation of wealth, discovery, science, and art, — then the ultimate result provides jobs and philanthropy.  This is too often overlooked because the mis-application of ambition towards tyranny has been so commonly spectacular and bloody.

Almost by accident,  a form of democracy was established in early Greece but did not evolve much because it  excluded the common masses.  Nevertheless the idea stuck around and became an essential part of later thinking.

Tribal chiefs evolved into the system of Kings and Nobles and Serfs  that lasted right through the ancient Egyptian and Greek societies and the middle ages.  For all that time the common masses remained ruled by the elite.  What re-awakened interest in democracy seems to have been the huge changes that materialism  and science knowledge brought about in the industrial revolution which released the masses from grueling hand labor.   However, in spite of substantial pacifistic efforts by some parts of society,  the greed,  power mongering,  and war merely got intensified by the availability of mechanical weapons.  Obviously,  human nature contained some built-in flaws.  The thinkers of the past continuously pondered the situation but none quite came up with anything like the American Revolution and its resulting Constitution.

The American Revolution instituted the most radical change in previous history by giving ultimate power to the masses.  That appears to be the principle difference between early Greek democratic experiments and the American Constitution,  which went far beyond Greek concepts by introducing the idea of voting citizens being “represented” in a governing body elected by the people who could thereby periodically change members of the government institutions.  This modified form of democracy was referred to as a “Representative Republic”.

But from the first there have been wise skeptics.  Shortly after the Constitutional Convention one of the founders of the American system, Ben Franklin, famously remarked, “—we have a Republic,  if we can keep it”.  He knew well that all humans harbor power greed to a smaller or larger degree.  He presumed correctly that soon the most tenacious power-mongers around would find enough loopholes in the new system so they could manipulate advantages to themselves and their supporters.  Once lodged into positions of power these fanatics would find ways to consolidate and perpetuate their power and thus erode and ultimately destroy the original intent that the people should rule by consensus.

Such fanatics seem to be born convinced that if left to their own devices the masses will ruin society and therefor  somebody smarter has to take over.  The fanatics believe that only they are smart enough to organize the lives of millions in the minutest detail,  so they set up enormously expensive regulatory agencies to enforce tens of thousands of complicated and often foolish or self-contradictory rules.  They sell this idea to the unwitting public by claiming such methods are not only wise but also “humanitarian” and “compassionate”.    They entice primal instincts by promoting “equality” in substance even for those who accomplish nothing and refuse to work.  They claim it is “unfair”  that some humans are born with more accomplishment in their genes than others.  Therefore the wealth that a minority generates must be confiscated and forcefully redistributed to those of less ambition and talent no matter how great their numbers.  The fanatics drum the the populace with a constant theme of  ”we are your saviors and we alone can make you happy and prosperous”.  This plays on the old tribal instinct of wanting a father figure leader,  and so large segments of populations fall for it.

When the fanatics have achieved sufficient control,  their tune changes from benign fatherliness to an openly vicious, “we know better than you”  and “you will do as we decree and shut up or you will be tagged as against progress and punished accordingly”.   The worst irony of this is its cyclic nature.  From inspiration to self-rule and then back to tyranny.  Most of the more “advanced” world is now supposed to be “modernized”,  “civilized”, and “educated”.  Nevertheless we placidly accept the fallback into tyranny as “Hope and Change” even though its recent utter failures in “socialized” Europe have happened right before our eyes.  Why is this so tragic?  Because there is nothing intrinsic about the cycle that prevents it from being broken.  All we would have to do is stay in the sunshine of Liberty and refuse to move backwards by letting the power mongers prevail with their pandering falsehoods that money can just be printed and borrowed indefinitely to finance handouts even after the takers exceed the producers.  All we really have to do is massively boycott the handouts and the excessive regulations. We certainly can regulate ourselves more and do more for ourselves.   The only alternative is economic meltdown and slavery.

Nature’s primal urge is to evolve in order to survive.  Therefor we are naturally reluctant to oppose change and this emotional factor can be manipulated into accepting any change as automatically “good”; — even change that is not defined until after it is agreed to in the voting booth.   This may be why autocrats find it so easy to influence the populace simply by promising change.  Too often too late,  we realize that some changes are not at all “good”.   This happened in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist Cuba, North Korea, and China.  China saw their neighbor Soviets collapse so the Chinese partly woke up and began to allow some free enterprise.  That change for the better immediately produced dramatic results for everyone to see.  Everyone except Americans hoodwinked by their own leaders.

Folks who get caught up in change for change sake are missing one key point.  Basic proven principles of behavior and style of government don’t need to change arbitrarily.  In fact our Declaration of Independence and Constitution warn against that very thing.  To return to an autocratic system proven by history as greatly inferior is not good evolution,  it is devolution — and insanely destructive of hard won gains.

The negative situation has been built up over many decades by determined fanatics following a relentless plan  to infiltrate, brainwash, censor, dumb down, and take over.  Short of a very bloody civil war, there is no quick solution — but there is a counter strategy that has a good chance.

1- promote awareness,  2- gather resistance,  3-fill the Internet,  4-harass political incumbents,  5-vet candidates, 6-boycott bad policies,  7-never give up,  8-never forget that when good men do nothing,  evil triumphs.

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Waging and Winning the War of Ideas

by Michael Dennin

In a February 15th Op/Ed published in the Washington Post , Leftist columnist Eugene Robinson belabored what has become a sobering fact – President Obama is winning the argument over government. As he correctly points out, “In his bid to be remembered as a transformational leader, President Obama is following the playbook of an ideological opposite, Margaret Thatcher. First you win the argument, she used to say, then you win the vote.”

Evidently, today’s Republican Party never got the Iron Lady’s memo.

The reason Mr. Obama is winning the argument over government is simple – Republicans aren’t even engaged in the War of Ideas. When was the last time we heard John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor professing the Conservative and Libertarian Right’s philosophical argument against Mr. Obama’s collectivist case for more government and less individual freedom. When was the last time we heard the GOP’s leadership hearkening back to the lofty ideals, virtues and accomplishments of the Founders and Framers to make the conservative case against the Left’s nihilistic effort to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist state? The only Republican who seems to be actively engaged in the grand philosophical argument is TEA Party and Libertarian favorite Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Why is this? Are Republicans clueless and/or apathetic about the necessity of taking the philosophical fight to their socialist adversaries and making their case to the American people? Could it be that the GOP leadership is bogged down in the nuts and bolts of running the government and campaigning for office? Could it be that there is a lack of passionate and articulate Republicans who are willing and able to effectively persuade Americans of the desirability and superiority of the Conservative and Libertarian argument? Is the GOP too divided, too fractured, to make a coherent case to the public? Could it be all of the above?

Regardless of the explanation, in the absence of the Republican party’s effort to “win the argument”, it is both obvious and imperative that someone is going to have to step forward and fill the breach in the War of Ideas, and that someone is YOU and that someone is me – grassroots Conservatives and Libertarians all across this great land. Like it or not, it has fallen to us to present and explain our philosophy and our agenda to our communities, states and nation, and persuade our fellow Americans to embrace our philosophy and agenda. Conversely, we must cut through the lies and obfuscation of the Left and explain their philosophy and agenda and convince our fellow Americans to reject them in total. In doing so, let us not underestimate our “progressive” (socialist) adversaries as the Republican party has underestimated Barack Obama. Never forget that the only thing “progressives” care about is power. Never forget that they will justify any means necessary to possess it. Never forget that they are at war with us, our philosophy and the country that they seek to “fundamentally transform” – the United States of America. The good news is that we are not “progressives”. We don’t have to lie about who we are. We don’t have to lie about our agenda. We don’t have to lie and pretend that we love and respect the United States of America, the Constitution and Individual Freedom.

We can win the War of Ideas. Our ideas our superior to theirs. Our ideas work. Our ideas made our people and our country free and prosperous. Our socialist adversaries can make none of those claims. However, Barack Obama and his “progressive” co-travelers will continue to win the argument (and win the votes) if we don’t refute their argument ourselves. The Republican party hasn’t gotten the job done, and we are at best complacent and at worst foolish to expect and/or assume that it will get the job done for us. Therefore, you and I – grassroots Conservatives and Libertarians across America – must take it upon ourselves to accept this challenge, step forward and fight for what we believe in. The greatest threat to our freedom and prosperity is not Barack Obama and his socialist argument, it is our silence. Let us raise our voices and make ourselves heard.

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Teaching Public Virtue

by Robert Williams

There is little controversy about the need for adults to educate their young by utilizing some sort of public or private schooling methods.  The common desire and expectation is that the young will grow up instilled with sufficient societal skills to assume adult responsibilities by the time they are 21 years of age.  These societal skills include the basics of academic subjects such as reading, writing, and arithmetic — plus an understanding of what society in general considers behavior beneficial to,  or detrimental to,  the advancement of the human species.  Behavioral topics constitute what is most often meant by the words “morals” and “virtues” and “vices”.   Be their origin divine or secular — the usefulness of such principles to society is seldom questioned because everyone throughout history has noticed that humans without such training are like ships without rudders that are condemned to the whim and fancy of nature’s winds and tides and can do much harm.

Since its foundation,  America has used morals taught by the Christian religion as a basis for distinguishing “good” from “bad”.  It is not surprising then,  that any kind of instruction of appropriate behavior is in the minds of many Americans automatically associated with religion.  While  it used to be that Christianity was openly espoused and practiced in public schools,  modern interpretation of the First Amendment tends to prohibit such.  The end result is that the teaching of “moral” behavior has little or no emphasis in modern public schools.   Unless private schooling and parental guidance can fill the gap,  too many citizens can now grow up without any rudder one could call “virtuous”.   The result is rampant bribery, dishonesty, and general chicanery at all levels of American society including the highest levels of government and finance.  A ruinous condition to be sure.

It should be obvious that if our society is to right itself,   it must restore a behavioral rudder.  Call that rudder what you may,  it has to be taught to our young.  In the hopes of avoiding a religious connotation and for the sake of discussion,  I term it here “public virtue” or a “public value system”.  It should not matter who believes what about the origin of such a system  as long as there is a majority agreement about the good public impact of its principles.  Deciding on the enumeration of these principles is really not all that hard.  We merely have to pick from the common-sense evidence of what has worked well through the ages.  Be charitable, don’t lie, don’t steal, reserve violence for self-defense, be civil in general, observe others’ rights as defined by the Constitution and the laws, etc.

The question is,  how can we restore the teaching of such principles into public schools without running afoul of the First Amendment and  ACLU law suits?  One answer may be to use words which cannot be associated automatically with religion.  Existing classes called “civics” for instance,  could include topics called “principles of social behavior” instead of being called “morals”.  In colleges they could be associated with “the psychology of public behavior”  or some such.  It is a shame we should have come to the point where such subtleties become necessary,  but hey — they are used all the time in “polite society” — such as calling sexual organs “private parts”.

The final answer of  course will depend on how much of the public can be alerted for putting sufficient pressure on elected school boards to have any effect.

By Michael Dennin

It’s no secret that much of the support that Barack Obama has received over the years comes from young people, and it’s no secret a lot of them think he’s “cool”. No doubt, part of this comes from the slick persona he has projected to the public, and some of it comes from his hipster pot-smoking days in Hawaii when he was a member of the Choom Gang. However, a lot of the appeal has to do with the ages old tendency of young people to be naive, idealistic, liberal and even collectivist-minded – traits that are commonly associated with the Left. To be anything otherwise – i.e., conservative – is often considered backwards, lame and uncool. Naturally, Leftist ideologues and politicians promote and exploit those attitudes for their own benefit. What can the Right do to counter the Left’s propaganda?

In a nutshell, Conservatives and Libertarians have to counter the collectivist lies that Socialists are feeding young Americans. One of the most outrageous of these lies is the one that President Obama peddled at his recent inauguration speech – that our entitlements and government’s socialist redistribution schemes are what makes this country great. They’re not. What made this country great is individual freedom and initiative. It was the hard work of the people who settled the American wilderness, farmed its lands and toiled in factories to make a better life for themselves and their children that made this country great. The government didn’t build that. The Left’s socialist redistribution schemes didn’t build that. Individual freedom and initiative built that.

And this brings us to a little thing called History and what Socialism did build. It built the Soviet Union and its Gulag Archipelago. It built the Killing Fields of Cambodia. It built the starving wastelands of the Ukrainian Holomodor, China’s “Great Leap Forward”, Mengistu’s Ethiopia and the Kim dynasty’s North Korea. It built the re-education camps of Communist Vietnam. It built the Berlin Wall. It built the most rights-repressive socio-economic system in human history, killing 100 million human beings and destroying every society and economy that it touched. It built the Great Lie that Socialists can bring freedom and prosperity to all by robbing individuals of their freedom and prosperity. This totalitarian Lie is the roadmap to slavery and ruin. As William Faulkner pointed out in his numerous stories about the American South, Man cannot defy Nature with impunity, and it is Man’s Nature to be free. When men defied that truth here in America it led to the catastrophe of our Civil War and the decades of strife that followed. When men defied that truth in Russia, Eastern Europe, China, Southeast Asia and elsewhere, it brought more war, death and destruction. Those who forget and ignore this bitter lesson of history risk repeating it themselves. Our young people need to be made aware of this.

Finally, the Right must aggressively attack the Collectivist lies and propaganda of the Left. We must counter the Left’s campaign to de-stigmatize government dependency and its phony narrative that freeloaders are the “victims” of Capitalism and the greed of the “rich”. This is naked power-mongering at its worst, and it must be exposed as such. Dependency – most particularly dependency on the government – is not a good or desirable thing. Independence is the key to freedom. Dependent people can never be free. Dependent people can never be the masters of their own destiny. Dependency is not cool – it sucks, and the “progressives” who promote dependency for the sake of enhancing their own power are not cool. They’re not even progressive – they are Socialists. They are not revolutionaries, they are reactionaries who still cling to an 18th Century socio-economic ideology that should have perished with the Berlin Wall. The only true revolutionary ideal is Individual Freedom. It is this ideal that represents the true revolutionary break from the long dark centuries of State-imposed tyranny and totalitarianism. Again, Conservatives and Libertarians must spell this out to young people.

Leftists are waging open war on Individual Freedom and they are targeting their propaganda at the most vulnerable segment of society, our youth. If we wish to preserve Individual Freedom in this country, we must make it our duty to actively promote it to our youth. Their hearts and minds are the battleground for America’s future and we must arm them with the truth.

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Obama Wins, America Loses – What Next?


by Michael Dennin

On November 6th, a majority of the American electorate made the mistake of taking another misstep down the road to serfdom and decline and voted to re-elect a socialist who has presided over four disastrous years of failed domestic and foreign policy. For sensible Americans who refused to overlook Barack Obama’s ruinous policies and myriad failures, the result of the election may come as a demoralizing disappointment and this reaction is rightly forgiven of any American who loves their country and remains true to the values that made our country great. It would also be understandable for the Americans who have remained true to those values to lose faith in their fellow citizens and to resort to impugning their intelligence as “progressives” did after the 2010 elections. Hopefully, patriotic Americans will resist this impulse and reflect, once again, on the challenges before us and redouble our efforts to overcome those challenges. While the challenges are numerous and great, and may appear overwhelming at times like this, we cannot submit to despair and defeatism if we hope to rescue our country from its current trajectory of decline.

Let us not delude ourselves – the task before us is neither easy nor one that offers immediate gratification. The Left’s long march through our nation’s institutions has been going on for almost half a century, and we have only begun to join the struggle in earnest. Consider the fact that the emergence of conservative media outlets is a relatively recent development, as were our long overdue responses to the “anti-war” Left and the “progressive” indoctrination of young Americans in our nation’s schools. While we have made some inroads, it will take decades to regain the ground that was ceded to our ideological adversaries since the middle of the 20th Century. This is going to be a long, exhausting uphill struggle that will demand every last measure of our determination, persistence and patience. We must never lose sight of the fact that our country – the last, fading bastion of individual freedom – and the values that made it great are worth preserving, for ourselves, each other, and future generations of Americans, and the only response and remedy to the nihilism of the Left that seeks to fundamentally transform our country is the vitality of the patriotic Americans who seek to save and revive it.

So, now that the long, bruising political campaign season is over, let us take a moment to recharge our batteries, regroup and rededicate ourselves to our cause. The challenges before us are far greater than one election. Our economy is poised at the edge of the fiscal cliff. Our government is growing more expansive, expensive and out of control. The assaults on our Constitution and subversion of our individual freedom continue. Our schools are still indoctrinating instead of educating our youth. Our mainstream media has become the Left’s propaganda bullhorn and promotes our decline. Secular absolutists carry on their campaign against the existence of religious life in America. Our nation is still at war, and terrorists and belligerent, rights-repressive regimes have become more aggressive. These and other problems aren’t going away and they are only going to get increasingly worse and insurmountable if we submit to defeat and throw in the towel. Let that sobering thought temper any and all of our disappointment.

Finally, on a more encouraging note, let’s keep things in perspective. First of all, the historic gains made by conservatives in 2010 that wrested control of the House of Representatives from the Left remain intact. We still control the nation’s purse strings and the president cannot ramrod the Left’s agenda through Congress. Secondly, the margin of victory in this year’s presidential election was narrower than it was in 2008. The reports of the Rights’ demise and the repudiation of its values have been greatly exaggerated.

With that in mind, perhaps the first constructive thing we can do in the aftermath of the elections is to encourage our political allies in Washington, DC to hold the line against the president and the Left’s agenda. They are going to need to know that we are behind them as they head into the looming battles over the debt ceiling, spending and taxes. For good measure, remind them that the American people have not given up on overturning ObamaCare.
House of Representatives


John Boehner
Speaker of the House

Mitch McConnell
Senate Minority Leader

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A Message from Congressman Allen West

An inspiring speech that remains relevant to this day…

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