by Robert Williams

World War Two started with the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany.  The unprepared allies could  do little and the United States attention was understandably focused on Europe.  The Japanese opportunists had invaded Manchuria and established bases along the Coast  of China by the time America became concerned and began embargoing shipping from and to Japan.  Right up to the day Japan launched its devastating surprise attack on Pearl Harbor,  negotiations were going on in Washington with the Japanese ambassador.   Up to the hour of the attack there were warning signs including the spotting of a Japanese submarine and a wave of unexplained numerous aircraft showing on a U.S. Army radar screen in Hawaii.

The human error of complacency and disbelief was the reason no one became sufficiently alarmed to take action and our fleet and airfields were caught completely flat-footed.  That sort of human error has doomed us to ambush throughout human history.  Imagine the cave man who receives a visitor telling him of sighting some saver-tooth tracks in the valley below his cave.  Distracted by the ensuing chat,  the cave man neglects to put enough wood on his night fire and its dying embers do not prevent the prowling saber-tooth from entering the cave before dawn to slaughter its occupants in their sleep.

And so it  goes.  We never learn.  During World War Two, especially after the Pearl Harbor sneak attack, we belatedly built a formidable anti espionage agency,  only to dismantle most of it up until 9-11.   Playing catch-up we managed to identify Al Quaeda in Afghanistan and nearly wiped them out,  but we abandoned the effort prematurely to conduct a bungled and confused Iraq war where we insisted on “rules of engagement” which favored the enemy.  Now we are bungling our efforts to quit both Afghanistan and Iraq with those same rules in place.  Even President Bush called Islam a “great and peaceful religion”.  The truth for thousands of years is that Islam is anything but “peaceful” and  until we finally recognize that truth we will never be able to escape its violence.  Our current administration is even worse in its appeasement of Islamic countries.

But that is not all.  We are currently ignoring many warning signs that the greatness that was America in both liberty and “can-do” spirit has for about 50 years been diminishing at a rapidly accelerating rate.  A large portion of our populace and our administrative and economic “insiders” are immature imbeciles incapable of recognizing reality who have accepted the fantasy promises of the socialistic elite whose past experiments have so obviously failed throughout history.  As a result that prowling saber-tooth is no longer just prowling.  It is actually breathing down our necks ready to snap its jaws.  Yet we continue to insist its hot breath is nothing more than a little spring breeze easily subdued by more trillions of borrowed money.


Posted February 25, 2014 by Candidus in Culture, Government

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