By Robert Williams


Up until the close of World War Two, children began doing chores as soon as they were physically able,  because in those days society expected all children to be prepared to take adult responsibilities and start  earning a living sometime between the years of 18 and 21.  Except for young adults running a family farm or a family business,  most new adults were also expected to live in a separate residence from their parents.   Young people were enthusiastic about this arrangement  because all during childhood they looked up to their hard-working parents and wanted the pride of asserting their own independence as a way of proving themselves.


Fewer and fewer families in the modern Western world follow this tried and true formula.  There are more single-parent families than ever,  there are more divorced parents than ever,  there is less discipline than ever, and less emphasis on moral values and the work ethic than ever.   There are more and more 40-year-olds living in their parents’ homes without any real prospect of changing the situation.   The only thing left to them are video games and the Internet “social sites” such as Twitter and Facebook.  With less reliable structure and in too many cases a lack of traditional fatherhood,  the young are far more vulnerable to the hedonistic and  nihilistic temptations of “easy money” and “freedom from conscience” available in neighborhood criminal gangs or the vaporous promises of a “Woodstock” generation that has abandoned all purpose and virtue.


Simply put,  in the last 50 years the role of government and government institutions including public schools has increasingly contributed to the degradation pointed out above.   Essentially,  massive increases in welfare dependency,  increases in school drop-outs, and  the “Nanny state” take over of parenting,  has guaranteed a loss of incentive and loss of production.  So far,  the government’s answer has been only to hire more “study panels” and throw more and more borrowed money at the situation.   The result is always the same, — more and more dependency on government,  more and more debt, less and less self-respect,  and less and less production.   Pay off the debt and regain some world respect?  We can’t even keep up the interest payments at the rate we are now trending.


Kids love to pretend, so they start out living partly in a fantasy world.  This is harmless unless it is carried too far for too long.  The naive kids now in charge of the nation had no reason to grow up.  Therefore they lack the one ingredient of growing up that is the most important.  The ability to recognize reality.  If supposed adults don’t grow up then they can’t comprehend reality and they cannot be expected to apply common sense solutions.


First we damage our children,  then we elect these perpetual children to live in luxury while they apply unbelievably  childish incompetence to running our country.   Then to top it all off we hand our own children the multi-trillion dollar bill.  Can any sane person see an ounce of wisdom in this betrayal of our progeny and inevitable suicide of our society?


Posted February 25, 2014 by Candidus in Culture, Government, Politics

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