By Robert Williams

The 2002 Oxford American Dictionary defines utopia as an, “imagined perfect place or state of things”.  For thousands of years religions have upheld ideas of Heaven as utopia and Hell as the opposite.  Various ways of avoiding Hell and gaining Heaven have been prescribed.  Throughout all but a few hundred recent years  humans have in general lived under the Hell on earth of autocratic governments and slavery.  Finally, using some of the less autocratic examples of European and British thought,  the American colonies gained political freedom and formed a unique new country and constitution intended as a guarantee against the loss of governing by the people, of the people, and for the people.

The main ingredient of American constitutional thinking was a small central government with built in checks and balances against the strong tendency of humans to remove power from the people and concentrate it in a small elite of “Statists” arrogant enough to believe they and they alone posses sufficient talent to run even the minute details of living “properly”.

Of course our Constitution did not immediately create utopia.  There was still poverty, disease, criminality, ignorance and natural disasters.  What it did do was create a rule of law which was supposed to prevent government from interfering with the individual initiative necessary for progress towards utopia.  Millions of free minds have far more power to achieve solutions than a few elite no matter how bright that elite may be.

The legacy is what our founders gave us.  The myth is that a very large,  very intrusive central government can bring about instant utopia.  But myths have always existed because humans tend to be lazy.  We prefer the “easy fix” over the “sweaty fix” and so we like to believe myths and the soothsayers who propagate the myths.  Most politicians are soothsayers by habit.  “Elect me and I will bring you utopia in my first term”.  Sound familiar?

So what has happened in the recent 100 years in America is elegantly pointed out in the following brief excerpt quoted from Mark Levin’s new book, “The Liberty Amendments”.  Mr Levin says in part, “The Statists have been successful in their century-long march to disfigure and mangle the constitutional order and undo the social compact.  To disclaim the Statists’ campaign and aims is to imprudently ignore the inventions and schemes hatched and promoted openly by their philosophers, experts, and academics,  and the coercive application of their designs on the citizenry by a delusional governing elite”.  Mr. Levin goes on to propose some amendments for re-establishing power to the people,  such as term limits for members of Congress and the Supreme Court, — and a supermajority legislative override, among others.

So why should we “amend” anything?  The simple answer is to save a legacy that is eminently worth saving and provide protection against the rape of our children and  our children’s children.  Stateists and their fellow travelers have found ways to numb the public while they systematically chew up our legacy and  spit it out in our faces.  They have gotten away with this because they have taken advantage of apathy about loopholes that were always there and other loopholes that have been developed by scheming power mongers who actually care nothing for the principles of a true democratic republic and care only about accumulating power and wealth for themselves and their supporters.   Evidence for this is there for anyone to see.   Lobbying has become endemic.  Politicians constantly vote raises for their already bloated salaries and constantly increase their privileges at public expense.  Expensive phony junkets and making their family members and friends phony “aids” in order to pay for grandoise trips even during hard economic times.  Exempting themselves from an enormous and invasive health care law they pass without even reading it.  Then they blatantly admit to having not read it.  That sort of open chicanery should be worth a long jail sentence.  Instead there is barely a whimper from a public sold on the myth that the new 2700-page law will make inexpensive health care universally available.  If that was really true there would be no need to punish resistors with a “tax” for not signing up  — for not buying something they don’t want.  Even the world’s worst dictators have hesitated to attempt forcing their entire public to purchase things on the market they do not want.

The situation caused by the dictatorial power grab and social engineering projects of Statist fanatics has already gotten so out of hand in reducing the “inalienable” Constitutional rights of the citizenry,  that it will be very difficult to correct.  A typical characteristic of power mongers is that they are one and all ego-maniacs that have a great deal of personal aggrandizement at stake.  They will fiercely oppose any change in their status and vigorously pursue every avenue of suppression they have made for themselves  — including the ridiculous claims that their actions are always selfless and always “for the good of the people”.   It therefor behooves what segment of the American public that is not yet hoodwinked,  to waste no time in firmly resisting the flooding tyranny with concerted and dedicated action.

Article V of the Constitution provides a way for desperate citizens to redress wrongful and tyrannical rule by a supposedly democratic government turned rogue.  It says in essence that there are not one but two ways to pass protective amendments.  One way is for Congress to initiate and supervise the amending and ratification process and the other way is for the States to take charge on their own,  — governed only by the consensus of their citizens.  Article V is a bit contorted in its wording,  but well worth reading nevertheless.   Using Article V to essentially bypass a thoroughly corrupt Congress and Administration is not an easy path.  In fact, if anything, it is longer and more tortuous than the more often used method employing Congress.  The problem with employing Congress is that would be tantamount to trusting a fox to guard the chicken house.

Mr. Levin in his book “The Liberty Amendments” proposes a number of amendments and gives arguments for their need.  Some of these amendments have been proposed before by other proponents,  but Mr. Levin’s list is tailored for current times.  The titles are quoted below (not necessarily in the same order or exact same wording as in Mr. Levin’s book), with some abbreviated interpretations of my own in parentheses.

STATES AUTHORITY TO DIRECTLY AMEND THE CONSTITUTION (See also the pertinent paragraph above.  By two thirds majority,  State legislatures may propose amendments to the Constitution and if three quarters of other States adopt the exact same wording, this Amendment process is Constitutionally valid without the intervention of Congress).

STATES ATHORITY TO CHECK CONGRESS  (Upon three-fifths vote of state Legislatures, States may override a Federal Statute or Executive Branch regulations resulting in a burden exceeding 100 million dollars).

TERM LIMITS AND OVERRIDE OF SUPREME COURT JUSTICES (Term limits of 12 years and a three fifths vote of Federal House and Senate may override any Supreme Court majority opinion).

PROTECT THE VOTE  (To vote in a primary or general election,  every citizen shall show photographic identification issued by the voter’s State of residence).

RESTORE THE SENATE  (Repeal the 17th amendment so that National Senators are again chosen by State Legislatures as prescribed in Article I of the Constitution and thus bring back the balance of power between State and Federal government).

SPENDING (Failure of Congress to pass a timely fiscal budget will result in an automatic across-the-board 5 percent reduction in expenditures).

TAXING (Congress is limited to a maximum 15 percent taxing on personal income regardless of source and shall not tax a decedent’s estate,  nor impose a value-added or national sales tax).

LIMIT THE FEDEARL BUREAUCRACY (Fedearal Departments and Agencies expire every three years unless re-authorized by Congress in bills without extraneous attachments).

PROMOTE FREE ENTERPRISE (Congress must restrict itself to regulating commerce with other nations and between States and with the Indian Tribes,  and not within a State, — period.)

PROTECT PRIVATE PROPERTY (If taking private property for public use results in a devaluation of said property the government shall compensate the owner accordingly).


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