I, “Extremist”

By Michael Dennin

I have a confession to make: I am an “extremist”, and if you are reading this confession, chances are you’re an “extremist”, too.

You are probably wondering when did this happen – when did I become an “extremist”? If you’re anything like this “extremist”, you work an honest day’s work to put the bread on your table and don’t expect or demand that others do this for you. You budget your household finances and live within your means – sometimes this means making sacrifices and cutting out things you can’t afford, but you don’t complain about it. You pay your bills and your taxes on time because you’re a fiscally responsible person. You provide for your children, and despite the cultural sewer we live in, you do your best to raise them to be moral, law-abiding responsible individuals such as yourself. You do all of these things, not because someone has to tell you to do them or forces you to do them, but because you believe that they are the right things to do.

So, where did you and I go wrong? We went wrong when we started expecting these things not only from ourselves but from our fellow citizens, and then we committed the cardinal sin of expecting those same things from our government.

For this, the Left has been smearing us as “extremists”.

Of course, this isn’t all our fault. You and I weren’t born with these “extremist” values and expectations. Our parents instilled these “extremist” values and expectations in us, as did our “extremist” ancestors who preceded them. They taught us to value personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, and the freedom, dignity and respect that are derived from them. They taught us that dependency is neither a virtue nor a strength, and when we abdicate our personal responsibility we not only abdicate our own individual freedom and dignity, we weaken our fellow citizens and our society.

While our parents and their parents are largely to blame for teaching us the “extremist” beliefs that you and I have come to value, perhaps the greatest offenders of all were the “extremists” who founded this nation and its government. It was these “extremists”, operating on the understanding that for Man to be free, rights and responsibilities must be derived from the Individual, not the State/Collective, who built the United States and framed the Constitution upon the foundation of Individual Freedom. It was these “extremists” who, recognizing the corruptive influence of power on men, invested power and sovereignty in the Individual instead of the State and the political elite who constitute the state and wield its coercive power. Having been subjected to the arbitrary fiat of power-hungry tyrants, they established a Constitution based on the “extremist” notion of a limited fiscally responsible government bound by the rule of written law, and they handed this “extremist” social compact down to us so that we would not have to suffer the same wanton lawlessness and despotism that they endured during their lifetime.

Despite the wisdom and prescience of our “extremist” ancestors, today we find the nihilistic Leftists who are attempting to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” into a socialist state portraying the people who have remained true to the virtues and values that made our people and our country great as “extremists”. Why do they do this? Because these nihilists know that their ideology cannot compete against our own, therefore they must slander our character to delegitimize our beliefs. In terms of Logic, this is what is referred to as an ad hominem fallacy – when you can’t win a debate based purely on the merits of your argument, attack your opponent on a personal level to distract from the failure of your argument. In contemporary political parlance, this is referred to as “the politics of personal destruction”, and this gutter-level skullduggery plays straight out of the “progressive” playbook, Rules for Radicals, written by Barack Obama’s mentor Saul Alinsky (the original “community organizer”).

There’s another reason why the Progressive/Socialist Left has to crawl down into the sandbox and throw its little rhetorical plastic shovels at us. The Left is terrified of the conservative grassroots movements that have burst onto our nation’s political scene since the mid-2000s. The hysterical vitriol spewing from the Left is a reflection of their fear of the existential threat that this popular movement poses to their socialist ideology and agenda. This is why “progressives” are bound and determined to strangle this movement in its crib, and since they cannot wage open ideological warfare and compete with our ideas – this would expose them as rank socialists/communists – they have to resort to childish name-calling. However, there is a peril to this tactic that all of us on the Right would do well to remember and remind the public over and over again – that it is a damning indictment of the Left, not the Right, that Leftists would label the virtues and values that we stand for – individual freedom, personal responsibility, limited government, fiscal responsibility and a dedication to our Constitution and the rule of written law – as “extremist”. What does that say about the Left? It says that they stand for socialism, dependency, unrestrained government, ruinous deficit spending, and the rule of arbitrary fiat dictated by a socialist political elite that has no regard for the Constitution and the rule of law. This is the Left’s idea of “moderate”.

So be it. If the Left is going to tar us as “extremists”, it’s time we returned the favor and explained to the American people exactly what the Left’s idea of “moderate” is all about. If we want to win the battle over public perception, we are going to have to fight smart and turn the Left’s underhanded tactics against itself.


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