A Little Friendly Advice for the Republican Party

by Michael Dennin

Many Conservatives have been offering the Republican party advice on how to fight President Obama and the Democrats over the Bush tax cuts, sequestration and the debt-ceiling, but none of them have addressed why Republicans consistently find themselves being outmaneuvered by President Obama and his party, and that is their inability to effectively wage the War of Ideas against the Left. It is this failure to fight on the strategic ideological level that has left the GOP bogged down in a series of tactical skirmishes where the Democrats are successfully dictating the terms of each and every fight. The only way Republicans are going to extricate themselves from this predicament is to go big.

The first thing the Republican party needs to do is resolve its identity crisis. Instead of internalizing the hysteria of the Left and running from the grassroots conservative movements that have risen to prominence in the last decade, the GOP should embrace the values that animate the TEA Party and Libertarian movements – individual freedom, free enterprise, fiscally responsible limited government and a commitment to the Constitution and rule of written law. In doing so, the GOP will not only rediscover its conservative identity, it will unite the disparate factions on the Right around their common conservative principles.

Having accomplished this, the Republican party needs to stop letting the Democrats define who and what they are and explain its identity and agenda directly to the American people. Conversely, the GOP should turn the tables on the Democrats and define who and what they are – anti-individual, fiscally irresponsible socialists who are increasingly burdening taxpayers and the economy with the higher spending, higher taxes and higher debt needed to fuel their collectivist redistribution schemes. It would also behoove them to point out that today’s Democratic party is no longer the party of JFK – it is a party that has been co-opted and radicalized by its extremist “progressive” fringe and is led by an acolyte of the author of Rules for Radicals.

Finally, Republicans need to worry less about politics and more about principles. To win the War of Ideas, the GOP must convince the American people of the practical necessity of retaining the homegrown values that have made the United States the freest, strongest and most prosperous nation on earth and rejecting the alien values that have brought social and economic ruin to every country that has made the mistake of embracing socialism. If the GOP can’t win this argument, then it is doomed anyway. Take care of principles and the politics will take care of themselves.

The upcoming debt-ceiling fight offers Republicans a golden opportunity to regroup their party and rally the Right. If they are able to seize and exploit this opportunity, they may be able to regain the momentum they have lost since the 2010 elections.


Posted February 10, 2013 by Candidus in Politics

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