Obama Wins, America Loses – What Next?


by Michael Dennin

On November 6th, a majority of the American electorate made the mistake of taking another misstep down the road to serfdom and decline and voted to re-elect a socialist who has presided over four disastrous years of failed domestic and foreign policy. For sensible Americans who refused to overlook Barack Obama’s ruinous policies and myriad failures, the result of the election may come as a demoralizing disappointment and this reaction is rightly forgiven of any American who loves their country and remains true to the values that made our country great. It would also be understandable for the Americans who have remained true to those values to lose faith in their fellow citizens and to resort to impugning their intelligence as “progressives” did after the 2010 elections. Hopefully, patriotic Americans will resist this impulse and reflect, once again, on the challenges before us and redouble our efforts to overcome those challenges. While the challenges are numerous and great, and may appear overwhelming at times like this, we cannot submit to despair and defeatism if we hope to rescue our country from its current trajectory of decline.

Let us not delude ourselves – the task before us is neither easy nor one that offers immediate gratification. The Left’s long march through our nation’s institutions has been going on for almost half a century, and we have only begun to join the struggle in earnest. Consider the fact that the emergence of conservative media outlets is a relatively recent development, as were our long overdue responses to the “anti-war” Left and the “progressive” indoctrination of young Americans in our nation’s schools. While we have made some inroads, it will take decades to regain the ground that was ceded to our ideological adversaries since the middle of the 20th Century. This is going to be a long, exhausting uphill struggle that will demand every last measure of our determination, persistence and patience. We must never lose sight of the fact that our country – the last, fading bastion of individual freedom – and the values that made it great are worth preserving, for ourselves, each other, and future generations of Americans, and the only response and remedy to the nihilism of the Left that seeks to fundamentally transform our country is the vitality of the patriotic Americans who seek to save and revive it.

So, now that the long, bruising political campaign season is over, let us take a moment to recharge our batteries, regroup and rededicate ourselves to our cause. The challenges before us are far greater than one election. Our economy is poised at the edge of the fiscal cliff. Our government is growing more expansive, expensive and out of control. The assaults on our Constitution and subversion of our individual freedom continue. Our schools are still indoctrinating instead of educating our youth. Our mainstream media has become the Left’s propaganda bullhorn and promotes our decline. Secular absolutists carry on their campaign against the existence of religious life in America. Our nation is still at war, and terrorists and belligerent, rights-repressive regimes have become more aggressive. These and other problems aren’t going away and they are only going to get increasingly worse and insurmountable if we submit to defeat and throw in the towel. Let that sobering thought temper any and all of our disappointment.

Finally, on a more encouraging note, let’s keep things in perspective. First of all, the historic gains made by conservatives in 2010 that wrested control of the House of Representatives from the Left remain intact. We still control the nation’s purse strings and the president cannot ramrod the Left’s agenda through Congress. Secondly, the margin of victory in this year’s presidential election was narrower than it was in 2008. The reports of the Rights’ demise and the repudiation of its values have been greatly exaggerated.

With that in mind, perhaps the first constructive thing we can do in the aftermath of the elections is to encourage our political allies in Washington, DC to hold the line against the president and the Left’s agenda. They are going to need to know that we are behind them as they head into the looming battles over the debt ceiling, spending and taxes. For good measure, remind them that the American people have not given up on overturning ObamaCare.
House of Representatives


John Boehner
Speaker of the House

Mitch McConnell
Senate Minority Leader


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