Which Dream?


By Robert Williams

The GOP Convention and the election that will follow is primarily about whether a sufficient majority of American voters will choose the American dream or Barack Obama’s dream.  What has been well defined at the convention is the American dream as seen by a majority of Republicans and conservatives.  What has been hinted at by pointing out the failure of Obama policy-making,  but not so well defined is Obama’s dream for America and what he means by “fundamental change”.   But that is the usual political rhetoric of all conventions.  What has been lacking in the general public understanding and is yet to surface in the GOP Convention is what deep down grievance or misunderstanding of life makes Obama take the road he does which shows so many disconnects between his soul and the soul of the average apple-pie American.

In his review of the movie “2016: Obama’s America” produced by Dinesh D’Souza,  Matthew May, a writer for “American Thinker”, expresses it in the following nutshell: [Obama‘s dream] “— is the defeat of oppressive colonialism that manifested itself in the rise of the United States as the dominant world power at the expense of the third world”.   That single sentence eloquently explains many of Obama’s puzzling stances, sayings, and outlook.  Puzzling to so many Americans precisely because such attitudes, utterances, and actions feel so out of place and oddly queer coming from an American President.  The key is that whether or not Obama was truly born here, he is not really an American.  Not in his background, not in his heart,  and not in his brain.  Take another look at the above quote.  Notice the last part which points out Obama not only thinks of America as a “colonial” power but he also believes that America did not rise to world prominence on it’s own merit, but “at the expense of the third world (by essentially bullying and robbing people of lessor means).

Although nothing could be further from the truth,  there are some Americans besides Obama who have a similar attitude — and they can be found mainly in the very kinds of people with whom he mostly associated.  Beginning with his father Barack Hussein Obama Senior, and continuing on with such communist gems as Frank Marshall Davis,  Brazillian communist professor Roberto Unger,  and America-haters like “Goddamn America” Jeremiah Wright,  terrorist Bill Ayers,  and Israel-hater Edward Said.   Obama’s earliest years were anything but stable.  He was abandoned by his father, sent from Hawaii to Indonesia,  then back to Hawaii to live with grandparents on his mother’s side. He was obviously bright but fell in with a heavily pot-smoking gang before being mysteriously financed to attend several prestigious private colleges and universities where his singular achievement seemed to be staying quietly hidden.

Some Marxist folks with deep pockets noticed that Barrack had a  teen-age American veneer but was fundamentally “different” inside than most Americans.  That fundamental difference was an inherited and absorbed view that America is the world’s greatest threat to human kind and thus has to be taken down and then rebuilt.  This fit the monied Marxists perfectly and they decided to invest in an exceptional opportunity. Not so mysteriously Obama was then handed a “community organizing” job and from there funded to become a lack-luster senator who mostly voted “present” until big money leftists saw their chance and pushed him into a carefully orchestrated “charm school” run for president.  The big-smile,  self-assured, vague but entertainingly jaunty Democrat candidate handily defeated sour-puss Hillary and uninspiring McCain to pied-piper his way to the presidency on the swooning multitudes of the easily-taken-in and the most foolish press ever to call themselves “journalists”.

O.K. It might not be that Obama’s early background was the only reason for his attitudes.  Nevertheless,  his background should have been much more thoroughly investigated before hailing him as a “savior”.  The books Obama authored reveal some of the above in his own words.  It is certain that some attempts were made to vet him.  Unfortunately his mentors had the plans and money to thwart most such probes.  What really matters is that a surprising number of Americans still go for him.  That makes him electable for a second chance at destroying America.  Obama now has had four years to wield the power given him by a rubber-stamp Senate and a Congress only recently Republican by a narrow margin.  The true tragedy is that so many folks were duped in the first place and too many including the major media remain duped.


The evil forces of the world have always counted on their opposition giving up under pressure.


Posted August 31, 2012 by Candidus in Politics

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